Rodent Control

Mouse and rat infestations are not merely a nuisance; these rodent pests carry disease and cause damage wherever they go.

Some estimates figure that rats and mice consume and contaminate up to 25% of the world's food supply every year. In addition, they urinate constantly and may defecate 30-100 times daily!

Sharing your home or business with rats and mice means potential structural damage. In addition, this poses serious health concerns. They may carry Hantavirus or Leptospirosis, and help spread Lyme disease by bringing ticks into property and structures. And the Center for Disease Control recognizes them as one of the greatest triggers of asthma attacks in children.

Rodent Control 1

Our pest control staff can remove these little critters faster than the average mouse and rat traps. Since these rodents are more clever than they appear, this process can take weeks, maybe even months. The best option is to allow us to remove them for you. Why? Because the last thing you need is for them to multiply. The longer rats and mice are in your home, the more damage they are likely causing.

One the rodent's defining characteristics is that their teeth continuously grow. This is extremely dangerous because they need to be able to constantly gnaw to keep their teeth trimmed. If you have any questions about removing rodents from your home, do not hesitate to call. We know how frustrating they can be. Likewise, we would be happy to make this as easy as possible for you.

Protect your property, as well as your family or staff, by enlisting the aid of the professional pest management staff at Enviro-Tech Pest Services. So, let us get rid of these dangerous pests and keep them from coming back!